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press 1991

1st and 2nd edi­tions of MALAKI MA KONGO Fes­ti­val The first two edi­tions of  MALAKI MA KONGO fes­ti­val can be sum­ma­rized as a tra­di­tion­al enter­tain­ment with man­ioc tubers, pota­toes, ignam tuber, corn, peanuts, the fod­der "made in Kon­go", author of … Con­tin­ue read­ing


Press 1993

3rd edi­tion: MALAKI MA KONGO, an Inter­na­tion­al Fes­ti­val The Marabout Théâtre du Zaire Unesco cen­ter won the MALAKI MA KONGO fes­ti­val Gold­en Palm. Orga­nized from august 10th to the 15th 1993 (under state of emer­gen­cy funds) the fes­ti­val should have … Con­tin­ue read­ing


press 1994

« Spe­cial Return to the Ori­gins» with Nkelo Wa Kon­go from Guade­loupe The fourth edi­tion was inau­gu­rat­ed in Ntsi­la Mam­ba, towards Ngan­ga-lin­golo, a Brazzaville's sub­urb. The choice of this site was not casu­al: here the car­a­van route that con­nects Nza­dia  … Con­tin­ue read­ing


press 1995

5th edi­tion : Malaki's Con­fir­ma­tion Held in Braz­zav­ille from july 10th to 16th, the fifth edi­tion cor­re­spond­ed to a con­cen­trat­ed analy­ses of the five years long fes­ti­val life. The artis­tic dimen­sion rivaled the sci­en­tific dimen­sion: ten con­fer­ences for twelve shows … Con­tin­ue read­ing


Malaki ma Kongo 1996

6th edi­tion MALAKI MA KONGO chal­lenges Cheikh Anta Diop Many par­tic­i­pants com­ing from Gabon, Cameroon, Ango­la, South Africa, Zam­bia, Con­go Kin­shasa were from july 28th to august 04th at the Malaki ma Kon­go six­th edi­tion. This cul­tur­al meet­ing was orga­nized … Con­tin­ue read­ing