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Malaki Educational - Congo

Sev­en­th edi­tion MALAKI MA KONGO final­ly in Kin­shasa Planned to be held from 1997 july 3rd to 6th in Braz­zav­ille, the 7th MALAKI MA KONGO edi­tion could not be held because of some social polit­i­cal mil­i­tar tur­bu­lences. But since Chance … Con­tin­ue read­ing


Malaki ma Kongo 1998

8th edi­tion MALAKI MA KONGO Spe­cial Return to Kon­go Dia Ntote­la, the Promised Land It was planned that this edi­tion would be held in a pil­grim­age form. Leav­ing from Kon­go Dia Mfoa (Braz­zav­ille), the fes­ti­val should have moved to  Mban­za … Con­tin­ue read­ing


Malaki ma Kongo 1999

9th edi­tion MALAKI's mis­tery MALAKI MA KONGO  nineth edi­tion was man­aged by mas­ter Nzam­bia Mpungu's (God in kikon­go lan­guage) hands, on a granades, heli­copters ham­mer­ing bom­bar­da­ments jazz back­ground, all this accom­pa­nied by a kalaschni­ko­vian rythm. The "Malaki chal­lenges Nzam­bia Mpun­gu" … Con­tin­ue read­ing

2000 Guadaloupe

Xème Edi­tion Par­tic­i­pa­tion of Malaki ma Kon­go to "Grap a Kon­go" of Guadaloupe Spe­cial Bridge over the Atlantic Ocean (sor­ry, still under con­struc­tion)

2000 Italy

Milan (Italie) - 2000

Xth edi­tion Open Day to FESTIVAL MALAKI MA KONGO Forced land­ing of Malaki ma Kon­go in Italy Milan – sep­tem­ber 30th, 2000 "Sat­ur­day sep­tem­ber 30th, 2000, at the "mul­ti­spazio inter­nazionale CARGO" the Open Day to fes­ti­val Malaki ma Kon­go was … Con­tin­ue read­ing