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XIth edi­tion. Nove  di Bas­sano del Grap­pa (VI) - Italy. (Sor­ry, under con­struc­tion)

2002 Haiti

Masengo ma Mbongolo - Haiti 2002

CLOSING of MALAKI MA KONGO "Spe­cial Bridge over the Atlantic Ocean", or Malaki ma Kon­go in the feud of Haitian voodoo The clos­ing of this edi­tion of the fes­ti­val "spe­cial Bridge over the Atlantic Ocean" was well held in Port … Con­tin­ue read­ing

2002 Italy

XIth Edi­tion The XI edi­tion start­ed in may 2002 in Nove di Bas­sano (VI, Italy) and end­ed in Haiti in the fol­low­ing novem­ber, pass­ing through Kin­shasa (Rep. Dem. Con­go) an Braz­zav­ille (Rep. Con­go). This made the fes­ti­val Malaki ma Kon­go … Con­tin­ue read­ing


XIIth Edi­tion Report of a Malaki ma Kon­go open­ing edi­tion in France Malaki ma Kon­go has the hon­our of address­ing to you our Malaki ma Kon­go France section's report. Malaki is syn­on­i­mous of ker­messe, fes­ti­val and Kon­go, name of the … Con­tin­ue read­ing