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Haiti 2 years after the earthquake

Des tentes pour dormir

Haiti 2 years after the earth­quake: no food if you don't accept Christ. We had been to Haiti two months after the earth­quake to sup­port our Hait­ian friends, and - unlike what hap­pened with the rain dis­as­ters in South Asia … Con­tinue read­ing

SOS Haiti Malaki ma Kongo

Masengo ma Mbongolo à Haiti - 2010

ven­dredi 26 mars 2010 "Bua keti ba Nsi Buabuneen !!!", une autre ONU est pos­si­ble. Par Masengo ma Mbon­golo. Nous voici de retour de Haïti d’après séisme. Un voy­age de dix jours, non, non… Plutôt une arête à la gorge … Con­tinue read­ing

Press conference

mambo Marie Jeanne

by Mambo Marie-Jeanne (…offi­cial greet­ings) We greet all voodooist peo­ple from the 4 cor­ner of Haiti: houn­gan mak­out, houn­gan assongwe, société cham­p­wel etc. Ayi­bobo (Hello) to all these inde­fati­ga­ble work­ers. This press con­fer­ence is to thankall the voodooist peo­ple who … Con­tinue read­ing