What we do

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Malaki ma Kon­go, which is in dif­fer­ent coun­tries of the world,

oper­ates main­ly in two ways:

1. in the West - and in the whole inter­na­tion­al envi­ron­ment in gen­er­al - on a cul­tur­al lev­el pro­mot­ing and dif­fus­ing African cul­tur­al roots. In fact Malaki ma Kon­go wish­es to cre­ate inter­cul­tur­al exchanges with Africa for a bet­ter knowl­edge of this mar­vel­lous con­ti­nent. On the Inter­na­tion­al Coop­er­a­tion lev­el Malaki ma Kon­go sen­si­tize about the prob­lem­at­ics of Con­go and Africa, search­ing for funds and sub­scrip­tions to sup­port our devel­op­ment projects in Con­go.

Fashion show "Made in Congo" - Verona Italy

Fash­ion show "Made in Con­go" - Verona Italy

The activ­i­ties that we pro­mote are var­i­ous and dif­fer­ent:

not only the Fes­ti­val, but also Cine­fo­rum and Video Pro­jec­tions, jour­neys to Con­go on a Respon­si­ble Tourism lev­el (Malaki Live: going to Africa not to sym­pa­thize with croc­o­diles, giraffes or lions, but to frat­er­nize with human beings!), The­atre, Con­fer­ences and Debates, Con­gole­se Dance Cours­es, Sol­i­dar­i­ty Din­ners with Con­gole­se dish­es, African Art Exhi­bi­tions, etc.

Malaki ma Kongo Haiti

Malaki ma Kon­go Haiti

- in Africa: on the cul­tur­al lev­el, with the con­tin­u­a­tion of the year­ly Malaki ma Kon­go Fes­ti­val Pro­duc­tion and of the activ­i­ties that Malaki already cre­at­ed:

* Kon­go Cul­tur­al Cen­tre
* Kon­go Dia Ntote­la The­atre
* Malaki Ma Kon­go Fes­ti­val
* Malaki School Fes­ti­val
* African Roots Library
* Renewed Box of Pharaohs

On a devel­op­ment lev­el:

  • sewing school and coop­er­a­tive cen­ter for wom­en  Malaki Devel­oppe­ment in Pointe Noire
  • Hair cut and styling school for wom­en at the Malaki Devel­oppe­ment cen­tre of Pointe Noire
  • Pilote cen­ter Malaki - AARIT for agri­cul­tur­al edu­ca­tion
  • Respon­si­ble Tourism
  • Cen­tre for dif­fus­ing infor­mat­ics
Malaki ma Kongo France

Malaki ma Kon­go France

We believe in:

culture in service of development

We believe indeed that art is the cul­tur­al her­itage of a peo­ple. The destruc­tion of our vil­lages caused by war in Con­go means the destruc­tion of our inland basis of inspi­ra­tion.

Being cul­ture at the basis of devel­op­ment, Malaki ma Kongo's artists and men of cul­ture found­ed the fol­low­ing project: rais­ing micro­cre­d­it in Con­go to redo­nate hope and con­fi­dence in life to wom­en, moth­ers of fam­i­lies that are vic­tims of the hor­rors of war, there­fore giv­ing rebirth to life in our vil­lages.

For this rea­son we need everybody's con­tri­bu­tion.

The African cul­tur­al roots that African artists present are, in gen­er­al, the cul­tur­al her­itage of a peo­ple. MALAKI MA KONGO is in charge of find­ing the eco­nom­i­cal means to ensure the sur­vival of ances­tral life in a nat­u­ral place: the African vil­lages.


Village in Congo

Vil­lage in Con­go


  • Spread­ing the Cul­ture of ser­vice for Respon­si­ble Devel­op­ment for Con­go and sub-sahar­i­an Africa
  • Africa's con­tri­bu­tion to humanity's com­mon her­itage
  • the pro­mo­tion of Africa's quest for peace
  • par­tic­i­pat­ing to the fight again­st delin­quen­cy
  • pro­mot­ing Africa's rebirth, giv­ing val­ue to Africa's cul­ture
  • pro­mot­ing African sports
  • the preser­va­tion of col­lec­tive mem­o­ry to pro­mote and teach African Ances­tors' wis­dom, through cul­tur­al and sport days, songs, the­atre, con­fer­ences, sculp­ture, per­cus­sions accom­pa­nied by all that wit­ness­es the exis­tence and the great­ness of African iden­ti­ty.

Malaki ma Kon­go in Bas­sano, Italy - 2002