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press 1991

1st and 2nd editions of MALAKI MA KONGO Festival The first two editions of  MALAKI MA KONGO festival can be summarized as a traditional entertainment with manioc tubers, potatoes, ignam tuber, corn, peanuts, the fodder “made in Kongo”, author of … Continue reading


Press 1993

3rd edition: MALAKI MA KONGO, an International Festival The Marabout Théâtre du Zaire Unesco center won the MALAKI MA KONGO festival Golden Palm. Organized from august 10th to the 15th 1993 (under state of emergency funds) the festival should have … Continue reading


press 1994

« Special Return to the Origins» with Nkelo Wa Kongo from Guadeloupe The fourth edition was inaugurated in Ntsila Mamba, towards Nganga-lingolo, a Brazzaville’s suburb. The choice of this site was not casual: here the caravan route that connects Nzadia  … Continue reading


press 1995

5th edition : Malaki’s Confirmation Held in Brazzaville from july 10th to 16th, the fifth edition corresponded to a concentrated analyses of the five years long festival life. The artistic dimension rivaled the scientific dimension: ten conferences for twelve shows … Continue reading


Malaki ma Kongo 1996

6th edition MALAKI MA KONGO challenges Cheikh Anta Diop Many participants coming from Gabon, Cameroon, Angola, South Africa, Zambia, Congo Kinshasa were from july 28th to august 04th at the Malaki ma Kongo sixth edition. This cultural meeting was organized … Continue reading