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Malaki Educational - Congo

Seventh edition MALAKI MA KONGO finally in Kinshasa Planned to be held from 1997 july 3rd to 6th in Brazzaville, the 7th MALAKI MA KONGO edition could not be held because of some social political militar turbulences. But since Chance … Continue reading


Malaki ma Kongo 1998

8th edition MALAKI MA KONGO Special Return to Kongo Dia Ntotela, the Promised Land It was planned that this edition would be held in a pilgrimage form. Leaving from Kongo Dia Mfoa (Brazzaville), the festival should have moved to  Mbanza … Continue reading


Malaki ma Kongo 1999

9th edition MALAKI’s mistery MALAKI MA KONGO  nineth edition was managed by master Nzambia Mpungu’s (God in kikongo language) hands, on a granades, helicopters hammering bombardaments jazz background, all this accompanied by a kalaschnikovian rythm. The “Malaki challenges Nzambia Mpungu” … Continue reading

2000 Guadaloupe

Xème Edition Participation of Malaki ma Kongo to “Grap a Kongo” of Guadaloupe Special Bridge over the Atlantic Ocean (sorry, still under construction)

2000 Italy

Milan (Italie) - 2000

Xth edition Open Day to FESTIVAL MALAKI MA KONGO Forced landing of Malaki ma Kongo in Italy Milan – september 30th, 2000 “Saturday september 30th, 2000, at the “multispazio internazionale CARGO” the Open Day to festival Malaki ma Kongo was … Continue reading