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Our activities:

  • Intercultural education in schools through a correct information of the history, reality and culture of the Congo in particular and the heart of Africa in general.
  • Promoting Responsible Development
  • Promotion of Ethical Finance
  • Participation in Decentralized Cooperation projects in Congo
  • Organization of events related to raising funds for our development projects (Cineforum, solidarity dinners with Congolese cuisin, African theater, participating in various festivals, solidarity initiatives etc.).
  • Updating and organizing our Documentation Centre
  • Translation into different languages ​​(French, Italian, English, Spanish, Kikongo, …) of all documents, books, videos, brochures and posters, website texts, advertising material, studies and research, etc.., of Malaki ma Kongo
  • Participating in support groups on Cooperation development projects and activities of Malaki ma Kongo
  • Promotion of the roots of African culture, Development Managing, Finance alternatives. Promoting, even through personal contacts, the projects of Malaki ma Kongo

Contact us

Contact us if you want to collaborate with us in the organization of one or more of the above activities, or if you want to suggest other ones we can do together.

The Jah family and Malaki ma Kongo

The Jah family and Malaki ma Kongo