Haiti 2 years after the earthquake

Haiti 2 years after the earthquake:
no food if you don’t accept Christ.

We had been to Haiti two months after the earthquake to support our Haitian friends, and – unlike what happened with the rain disasters in South Asia and Madagascar – in Haiti aid had not  been distributed to help people. And today, after almost 2 years, nothing has changed. The NGOs that starve Haiti are nothing but the soldiers from 1800 century who came back under the name of “international community” to destroy the spiritual basis of defense of Haitian people: voodoo.

Trying to buy rice and medicines for the victims, we had the impression that to receive food one had to accept Christ. Two years later, I fear that this is true … Trouble for the African who thinks that aid is not a weapon.

See the story of our trip in March 2010, in French.

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