Mama Kimpa Mvita

Realization of the first decade of Mama Kimpa Mvita 2007-2017

mama Kimpa Mvita

mama Kimpa Mvita

In occasion of the 300 years from the murder of Mama Kimpa Mvita, the General Coordination of Malaki ma Kongo –  association for the promotion of African cultural roots –  decided to launch the first decade of Mama Kimpa Mvita 2007-2017, a cultural program in service of Responsible development in Congo.

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The life and work of Mama Kimpa Mvita, this young lady of the Kongo aristocracy , burned alive on July 2nd, 1706, for her commitment to human rights and love for her country”, are for us a symbol, a style of life that we would promote in the minds of youth the importance of humanistic cooperation between Europe and Africa. During the first decade Mama Kimpa Mvita 2007-20017, we want:

  1. Let the world know and especially among youth in the life and work of Mama Kimpa Mvita so that it becomes a mirror for the youth of today.
  2. Promoting all the cultural bridge between East and West Atlantic
  3. Promote Responsible Tourism in Congo
  4. Support the actions of responsible development in the Congo.

Hoping to find a partner you aware of our ideas and able to work with us to ensure continuity in the ideals for which Mama Kimpa Mvita sacrificed his life, receive the greetings that come from the sweet and deep forests of the Equatorial Africa.
Masengo ma Mbongolo
General Coordinator
My Kongo Malaki

KIMPA Mvita 300 years in July 2006-07-02. Can I remind women of their role? Women, when will we ever be ready? Black women in the world and elsewhere, this day is a great day for us. The route of delivery is open, but it is winding safer. Kimpa Vita is a path: that of deliverance. Here 300 years the cry has broken the ceiling. Wake up, you still sleep? Know that the yaya Kimpa Vita us. This young woman came two years and moved mountains by his temerity. A major figure in here! It represents one of the five gates of deliverance of the oppressed people. Yes, it is time to think about it. To sing his name to celebrate his life, his prophecy about us. All his work is dedicated to our love. Every person has consumed in the fire for our liberation. In the prime of her youth she inspires us his will and courage. She, the young black fears of the most senior of the world ahead. Because in fact his work is just beginning. It begins our deliverance. A work brief but eternal! From its 22 years she shouts at us: it’s time! The time of the great deliverance. His genius lies ahead. Do not celebrate his death, for with us the dead are not dead: we venerate. Do not kill a second time, pay attention to our actions. 322 years is the age when the spirit is reborn like the phoenix! As in the year 320 with yaya Mbangala, unified join the banks of the sacred river. It was one of the forerunner of those who established the law of my Koko. The spirit of our sister white flickers in the sky. His message as a drop of water that broke the camel’s back, this must be your consciousness these days. Listen, open your heart because her message speaks the language of the heart. Listen to the voice of the heart that vibrates in a solemn appeal. If you can not make you hear, is a performer who can do it better. If you can not walk on crutches to find your body and get up. If you can not see let your hands explore the universe instead of your eyes. There are no insurmountable handicap. Let us find in every element of creating a way to fulfill our role. There is a system that has already proven itself in times of great strife. The woman from India to America speaks: have recourse to the fast vibrational communication Rehabilitation of hearts, the flowers in our re-humanization vibrational patterns. Became voiceless, then let a lawyer to plead our cause. And say at the crossroads because it is the low that directs us, which is what was and what will come. Tell small files … .. Let’s say that our children never forget their roots: their ancestors. Whatever our disability, say that. Go you, hear you speak they can be you one better. Go on my Ngoma-Djembe! Tell them we want peace to raise our children and our continent. After that, let us be women leaders. For we are born as men responsible for a beautiful world.
Bia Bilolo Mbongolo

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