Emergency Project

Urgency project in favour of women victims of war in Congo

Creation of a microcredit fund to redonate trust and hope in life to family mothers, victims of war’s exactions in Congo.

Refugees in Congo

Refugees in Congo

The “Urgency Project for women victim of war in Congo” is a microfinance program extremely urgent for the South of Congo’s population survival, population victim of civil war. War has killed family fathers (heads of families). It has burnt down houses, pillaged plantations and today Congo’s mothers – already ecluded from traditional banks’ circuits – don’t know what to do with the number of orphans left in their arms.

In this moment, in the countryside environments, the situation has gotten worse for farmers and suppliers who’ve lost their working tools, seeds and breeds because of war. A very big part of the population – in majority women, excluded from their villages – is set aside in the periphery, where it is destined to a growing misery life.

Congo’s disfavoured families’ young people are part of sacrified generations, those ones that have become flesh for cannons, the young people who have no right to a sane education and who are always sent to the front to die and have themselves buried in the most total anonymity.

Project’s objectives:

The main goal is the setting of a system to grant and support microcredits assigned to the female poorest population, victim of civil war’s exactions: such population is already ecluded from traditional banks’ circuits.

  • Emproving and developing production in the agricultural and informatic sectors
  • Creating a meeting, orientation, emulation place among such microcredits’ beneficiaries
  • Generating income to allow the project’s actors to take care of themselves and improve their life’s conditions
  • Inculcating a credit’s culture to the beneficiary population
  • Creating in Occident an efficient information and sensitizing system about the tragedy lived by women and poors in Congo.


Beneficiaries of the Urgency Project are the poorest women from religious associations, from village communities sited on the two Congoes capitals’ periphery, Brazzaville’s and Kinshasa’s, victims of the socio-political turbulences which have upset life rythm in the central Africa’s small regions.
Our choice was taken to the religious associations’ and the above mentioned capitals’ periphery village communities’ women. They represent an important number of farmers in the agricultural area of the two capital cities, victims of war. The associations’ women are in a number of five thousands.


Malaki Development and Malaki ma Kongo

Means of realization

To build such microcredit fund, Malaki ma Kongo prompts the ethical financial institutions and the good will people to support us for building a microfinance institution in Congo.

Also the association Malaki ma Kongo enagages a series of actions aimed to sensitizing people about the tragedy lived by the poors in Congo. All this through conferences, painting exhibitions, films and videos, shows, theatre, festivals, mini malaki African weekends, dinners, information letters to churches, schools, associations, communities, ethical financial institutions, individuals; encouraging support on distance; Malaki-Live: a sort of responsible tourism…

Anybody can contact us to collaborate in the planning and production of such activities.