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Llanto Brujo

Cuba’s musundis memory recuperation. (In Spanish) El texto que sigue, lo escribí a manera de presentación del libro Llanto brujo, publicado en México dos meses después de haberlo escrito en Santiago de Cuba bajo la urgencia dictada por el Tatandi … Continue reading

Malaki ma Kongo Martinique

Honor to the Kongo people from the west of the Atlantic Ocean who search their origins. NTUMUA MASSEE is one of them. He’s very curious, he searches for the fossils of truth. He unmasks those ones who falsify our ancestral … Continue reading

Kongo in Cuba

Arch. de Sc. soc. des Rel., 2002, 117 (January-March) 59-80 by Erwan DIANTEILL KONGO IN CUBA, CONVERSION OF AFRICAN RELIGION The emphasis on the “invention” of “Africanity” in Afro-American religions, conceived as an instrument of competition among employers for religious … Continue reading