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Haiti 2 years after the earthquake

Des tentes pour dormir

Haiti 2 years after the earthquake: no food if you don’t accept Christ. We had been to Haiti two months after the earthquake to support our Haitian friends, and – unlike what happened with the rain disasters in South Asia … Continue reading

SOS Haiti Malaki ma Kongo

Masengo ma Mbongolo à Haiti - 2010

vendredi 26 mars 2010 “Bua keti ba Nsi Buabuneen !!!”, une autre ONU est possible. Par Masengo ma Mbongolo. Nous voici de retour de Haïti d’après séisme. Un voyage de dix jours, non, non… Plutôt une arête à la gorge … Continue reading

Press conference

mambo Marie Jeanne

by Mambo Marie-Jeanne (…official greetings) We greet all voodooist people from the 4 corner of Haiti: houngan makout, houngan assongwe, société champwel etc. Ayibobo (Hello) to all these indefatigable workers. This press conference is to thankall the voodooist people who … Continue reading