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Malaki Live

Journey to Congo BRAZZAVILLE, an unpublished destination for tourism. Malaki Live is “going to Africa not to sympathize with lions, crocodiles, elephants or giraffes, but to fraternize with human beings!”. It is a chance of learning a different culture. The … Continue reading

Malaki Bumuntu

Six months in Congo for personal growth and volunteering action with Malaki ma Kongo. Blog (in Italian)             Other journeys of Responsible Tourism organized by Malaki ma Kongo: Pilgrimage to the heart of Africa Malaki … Continue reading

Pilgrimage to the heart of Africa

Special Reconciliation of African people from East and West of the Atlantic Ocean «The essential for a people is not much being able to glorify itself by a past more or less majestic, but it is more about discovering and … Continue reading