Responsible Tourism

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Respon­si­ble Tourism, is tourism ‘that cre­ates bet­ter places for peo­ple to live in, and bet­ter places to vis­it’.

Respon­si­ble Tourism is tourism which:

  • min­imis­es neg­a­tive eco­nom­ic, envi­ron­men­tal and social impacts
  • gen­er­ates greater eco­nom­ic ben­e­fits for local peo­ple and enhances the well being of host com­mu­ni­ties
  • improves work­ing con­di­tions and access to the indus­try
  • involves local peo­ple in deci­sions that affect their lives and life chances
  • makes pos­i­tive con­tri­bu­tions to the con­ser­va­tion of nat­u­ral and cul­tur­al her­itage embrac­ing diver­si­ty
  • pro­vides more enjoy­able expe­ri­ences for tourists through more mean­ing­ful con­nec­tions with local peo­ple, and a greater under­stand­ing of local cul­tur­al, social and envi­ron­men­tal issues
  • pro­vides access for phys­i­cal­ly chal­lenged peo­ple
  • is cul­tur­al­ly sen­si­tive, encour­ages respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and con­fi­dence”
  • an authen­tic meet­ing among the trav­ellers and local peo­ple

Down­load the Respon­si­ble Tourism code (pdf, 336 kb)

Nganga Lingolo - Italian tourists of Malaki ma Kongo

Ngan­ga Lin­golo - Ital­ian tourists of Malaki ma Kon­go


Today, many trav­el­ers are sen­si­tive to the impact of their trips to the region that attracts them, and exper­i­ment with new forms of trav­el. They try to be con­sis­tent with the pos­i­tive prin­ci­ples they apply in their own coun­tries, but also to improve the qual­i­ty of their vaca­tion, to live authen­tic expe­ri­ence.

Economic Importance

Tourism is the world's largest indus­try, more than 800 mil­lion inter­na­tion­al trav­el­ers. The con­se­quences of uncon­trolled mass tourism can be dev­as­tat­ing for both the envi­ron­ment and local pop­u­la­tions.

A part of respon­si­ble tourism it is to be eco­nom­i­cal­ly use­ful to a coun­try, a  cul­ture, men and wom­en who now have the means to face the harsh real­i­ty of every day and for whom the  income from tourism can be a source of addi­tion­al resources to exist.

Journeys of Responsable Tourism organized by Malaki ma Kongo

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