Aarit & Malaki ma Kongo

Pilote-center MALAKI-AARIT,
Center for agricultural education for youth

AArit cooperative - Pointe Noire

AArit cooperative - Pointe Noire

Training Center for Youth  “AARIT-Malaki ma Kongo”, for peace, Universal Brotherhood and sustainable development in Congo.

The objective of this center is to promote Agriculture and Livestock, offering the chance to youth to learn about the techniques and methodologies of organized labor and the full use of agricultural land.

The project is about educating farmers and ranchers to adapt the traditional renewable agricultural technology to the modern organic technologies without the use of genetically modified seed; teaching the principles and benefits of organic farming, responsible management of resources and breeding of livestock water. Here the challenge is to reach the goal of cultivating and raising animals naturally, to get a better product, more nutritious and less expensive.


MALAKI-DEVELOPMENT (Department of the Cultural Association MALAKI MA KONGO) whose goal is to find a way for responsible development in the Congo and in Africa in general; a self-centered and people-centered development that respects the environment, human rights and the cultural dimension throughout the whole development projects.

Malaki Development has teamed up with AARIT to search for appropriate means for people to believe and hope in the rebirth of life in Congo.

AARIT is a cooperative of Congolese families that cleans up the urban fringe in the swamps of Pointe Noire (the econmical capital of Congo) to fight against mosquitoes, reptiles and pests, and recuperate this swamp land to give it to families for agricultural needs.

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Project Objectives

  • Training of entrepreneurs and support their agricultural activities, including action EACH evening reell Spark economic bonding of the Rural Areas, for the creation and management of companies.
  • Improve the living conditions of the people by transforming them into a vegetable belt swamps and fight against poverty, the starvation, mosquitoes, reptiles and pests
  •  Disseminate the Development Manager, local resources and trade in the Congo ‘typical craft
  • Creation of a regional network, national and international companies here actively working together in information and exchanging discoveries
  • Participants in the Frame installation of small and medium agricultural enterprises, identifying opportunities for helping them succeed, the initial activities, the appropriate investment and financing
  • Development of agriculture mechanics, processing, commercialization and supply the products.
  • Development of a production system vital and inexpensive, based on the Agrobiology, the Livestock and Fish


With € 20 you can buy small farm equipment: hoes, shovels, machetes and seeds.
With € 100………….. wheelbarrows, watering cans
with € 250 ………….. group of people with their employment has come for farm equipment bestow the field, or for the purchase of irrigation pumps fields
with € 500…………… What a circle of poultry chickens, ducks
with € 1,000 …………… Installation FARMS and sheep,
with fish
with € 10.000……………Building a part of the school

Modality of support

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  • Buying the products of the Association Malaki ma Kongo (Congolese artists’ products, the association books and DVD): the earning from these income help us to finance our projects.

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