KongoLive TV

April 2011


In occasion of the XXth anniversary of the First Edition of  Malaki ma Kongo Festival (07 july 1991 – 07 july 2011), the General Coordination of Malaki ma Kongo launches the Official inaugural Programme of the television KongoLiveTV (tv via Web).

KongoLiveTV allows to exchange and promote the language, culture, wisdom, history and geography of Kongo cultural space.

  • *KongoLiveTv, the television of Kongo dia Ntotela
  • *KongoLiveTv, the television made in Kongo
  • *KongoLiveTv, the television where we can see what we love
  • *KongoLiveTv, the television that respects the ethics of Bantou
  • *KongoLiveTv, the television that we can see together with  children
  • *KongoLiveTv, a gift for the twenty years of existence of Malaki ma Kongo

Go to Kongo Live Tv or watch it below here

KongoLiveTv for:

  • Preserving the collective memory;
  • Giving ourselves and our children some sane, educative audiovisual material, adapted to the Bantou and African culture
  • Learning the basic notions of African positive values
  • Teaching children the different eras of Black culture and history
  • Teaching young people the languages, the wisdom, the dances, the singing, the theatre, the poetry, the cuisine of Bantou and Africa in general;
  • Recreating a true Mbongi climate to respect our cuture;
  • Analyzing and understanding the Bantou cultural and civilizational fundaments to approach the Occidental world under the Afro-centrist perspective,
  • KongoLiveTv: to tell the children of our children what the parents of our parents lived.

Ndombi ku ndombi sadidi mukanda komanda di’andi Matswa’ndede KongoLiveTv, Ni wuna wu tua ta!!! Bua keti ba nsi buabuneeeeee!!! Bua keti ba nsi buabuneeeeee!!! Bua keti ba nsi buabuneeeeee!!!

Go to Kongo Live Tv

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