What we do

Malaki ma Kongo, which is in different countries of the world,

operates mainly in two ways:

1. in the West – and in the whole international environment in general – on a cultural level promoting and diffusing African cultural roots. In fact Malaki ma Kongo wishes to create intercultural exchanges with Africa for a better knowledge of this marvellous continent. On the International Cooperation level Malaki ma Kongo sensitize about the problematics of Congo and Africa, searching for funds and subscriptions to support our development projects in Congo.

Fashion show "Made in Congo" - Verona Italy

Fashion show "Made in Congo" - Verona Italy

The activities that we promote are various and different:

not only the Festival, but also Cineforum and Video Projections, journeys to Congo on a Responsible Tourism level (Malaki Live: going to Africa not to sympathize with crocodiles, giraffes or lions, but to fraternize with human beings!), Theatre, Conferences and Debates, Congolese Dance Courses, Solidarity Dinners with Congolese dishes, African Art Exhibitions, etc.

Malaki ma Kongo Haiti

Malaki ma Kongo Haiti

– in Africa: on the cultural level, with the continuation of the yearly Malaki ma Kongo Festival Production and of the activities that Malaki already created:

* Kongo Cultural Centre
* Kongo Dia Ntotela Theatre
* Malaki Ma Kongo Festival
* Malaki School Festival
* African Roots Library
* Renewed Box of Pharaohs

On a development level:

  • sewing school and cooperative center for women  Malaki Developpement in Pointe Noire
  • Hair cut and styling school for women at the Malaki Developpement centre of Pointe Noire
  • Pilote center Malaki – AARIT for agricultural education
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Centre for diffusing informatics
Malaki ma Kongo France

Malaki ma Kongo France

We believe in:

culture in service of development

We believe indeed that art is the cultural heritage of a people. The destruction of our villages caused by war in Congo means the destruction of our inland basis of inspiration.

Being culture at the basis of development, Malaki ma Kongo’s artists and men of culture founded the following project: raising microcredit in Congo to redonate hope and confidence in life to women, mothers of families that are victims of the horrors of war, therefore giving rebirth to life in our villages.

For this reason we need everybody’s contribution.

The African cultural roots that African artists present are, in general, the cultural heritage of a people. MALAKI MA KONGO is in charge of finding the economical means to ensure the survival of ancestral life in a natural place: the African villages.


Village in Congo

Village in Congo


  • Spreading the Culture of service for Responsible Development for Congo and sub-saharian Africa
  • Africa’s contribution to humanity’s common heritage
  • the promotion of Africa’s quest for peace
  • participating to the fight against delinquency
  • promoting Africa’s rebirth, giving value to Africa’s culture
  • promoting African sports
  • the preservation of collective memory to promote and teach African Ancestors’ wisdom, through cultural and sport days, songs, theatre, conferences, sculpture, percussions accompanied by all that witnesses the existence and the greatness of African identity.

Malaki ma Kongo in Bassano, Italy - 2002