Pilgrimage to the heart of Africa

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Special Reconciliation of African people from East and West of the Atlantic Ocean

«The essen­tial for a peo­ple is not much being able to glo­ri­fy itself by a past more or less majes­tic, but it is more about dis­cov­er­ing and tak­ing con­scious­ness of this past's con­ti­nu­ity,  what­ev­er this past was." (Cheikh Anta Diop).

Pilgrimage to the heart of Africa

Pil­grim­age to the heart of Africa

Dirty cloths are to be washed with­in the fam­i­ly, they say. That's why Malaki ma Kon­go, asso­ci­a­tion for the pro­mo­tion of African cul­tur­al roots in ser­vice of Respon­si­ble Devel­op­ment, invites all Africans - but not only! - from east and west of the Atlantic Ocean to go back to African ances­tors' steps.
We'll walk through­out the close yet far­away time of enslav­ery, to cov­er Africa from Goreè Island just to the black continent's heart.
We'll go through many vil­lages where mon­u­ments, val­leys, moun­tains, roots, leaves, trees and - why not -the wind will refresh our mem­o­ry. It may hap­pen that, while we sleep, dur­ing a dream a fly, or a beetle, or a fish, or - why not - an ele­phant will sing us songs that we kind of remem­ber.
Yes, we'll walk to touch real­i­ty by hand and to give our­self a per­son­al judge­ment about what real­ly hap­pened more than 500 years ago.

AIM : preserving collective memory


  1. Cre­at­ing a dia­logue space for the Rec­on­cil­i­a­tion of African peo­ple from East and west of the Atlantic Ocean;
  2. Pro­mot­ing African Cul­tur­al roots
  3. Re-writ­ing African his­to­ry
  4. Enter­ing in Com­mu­nion with our ances­tors by par­tic­i­pat­ing to the Three-con­ti­nen­tal Fes­ti­val Malaki ma Kon­go.


  • a/ Gorée Island and Dakar city in Séné­gal ;
  • b/ Bén­in: we'll touch by hand an unusu­al expéri­ence of "retourn to Africa" realised 10 years ago by the JAH fam­i­ly, who went there from Guade­loupe. We'll vis­it the Tem­ple of Pythons in Ouidah and we'll orga­nize a forum about: «The impor­tance of the Exchanges between African peo­ple from East and west of the Atlantic Ocean» ;
  • c/ In Ghana we'll vis­it the Slaves Road, the city of Accra, some exem­ples of invest­ments by the Black dias­po­ra, fol­low­ing a show-din­ner for sol­i­dar­i­ty with « The ini­tia­tives of the exchanges between African peo­ple from East and west of the Atlantic Ocean» ;
  • d/ We'll go to the two Con­goes, in Braz­zav­ille and in Kin­shasa, where  we'll par­tic­i­pate to the Three-con­ti­nen­tal Fes­ti­val MALAKI ma KONGO, and we'll vis­it the two cap­i­tal cities. In Pointe Noire we'll vis­it the "Mon­u­ment of Mem­o­ry" and the human­i­tar­i­an action of MALAKI DEVELOPMENT (Cen­tre for sewing edu­ca­tion for young wom­en) and AAr­it, the Pilote Agri­cole Cen­ter;
  • e/ In Nzinzi (Pointe Noire) we're wait­ed to close in beau­ty the Three-con­ti­nen­tal Fes­ti­val MALAKI ma KONGO, to « tell the chil­dren of our chil­dren what the par­ents of our par­ents lived».


Pilgrimage to the heart of Africa

Pil­grim­age to the heart of Africa

Malaki ma Kon­go  in col­lab­o­ra­tion with local social organ­i­sa­tions from East and west of the Atlantic Ocean. Malaki ma Kon­go  invites us to "go to Africa not to sym­pa­thise with lions, gyraffes or croc­o­diles but to frat­er­nize with human beings".



Pre­serv­ing col­lec­tive mem­o­ry.
Re-writ­ing Africa true his­to­ry and learn­ing the true mean­ing of words like Africa, Séné­gal, Con­go, Nami­bie, Zim­bab­we, Mali, Camer­oun, Guinée…

MODALITY of the journey :

Respon­si­ble Tourism:  We won't stay in big hotels, we'll stay by local people's hous­es or by rooms we'll rent from local fam­i­lies' homes (the­se peo­ple are Malaki ma Kongo's mem­bers), or local small hotels held by local fam­i­lies .
Trans­porta­tion will be, depend­ing on cir­cum­stances, local city bus, trains, taxi, cars rent­ed on place, air­planes etc.

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