Press conference

by Mambo Marie-Jeanne
mambo Marie Jeanne

mambo Marie Jeanne

(…official greetings)

We greet all voodooist people from the 4 corner of Haiti: houngan makout, houngan assongwe, société champwel etc. Ayibobo (Hello) to all these indefatigable workers.

This press conference is to thankall the voodooist people who engage themselves to voto for Joseph Michel Martellyand to welcome his Government.

Since 1804, voodoo society has never found the help of the Haitian Government, nor has this society found jobs or protection on a Government level.

(..) Considering that we – Haitian voodooist people – were considered the cause of all the worse and evil things like cholera, AIDS, etc.;

considering that since 1987 the Haitian Constitution allow us to freely practice our religion and faith;

we understood the importance of voting Joseph Michel Martelly, who said  TET KALE for everybody, who demonstrated to be differnet from the other ones who have the habitude to say that voodoo will not exist.

We are the “collective 123”: animators of voodoo tv and radio emissions, voodoo association and organizations, champwel societies, roots groups, abande rara and 101 houngans, mambos who worked hard for Joseph Michel Martelly to be the President of our Country .

We’ve engaged ourselves to continue in the fight to change our Country (…). We greet all Haitians and in particular the Fillète danthor et garcon feraille voodooist groups, which will work with the Government, in order to give real strenght and support to all our Country activities.

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