6th edition

MALAKI MA KONGO challenges Cheikh Anta Diop

Malaki ma Kongo 1996

Malaki ma Kongo 1996

Many participants coming from Gabon, Cameroon, Angola, South Africa, Zambia, Congo Kinshasa were from july 28th to august 04th at the Malaki ma Kongo sixth edition.
This cultural meeting was organized in Congo Brazzaville in homage to Cheikh Anta Diop the XXth century Pharaon.

The sixth edition lived. It was balance time for MALAKI. It was a difficult exercise to which ones and the others applied themselves. This for posterity to remember forever the new and lucky orientation that gave the festival the knowledge of a truly panafrican and deeply Kemitian dimension.

It was for this orientation and its new dimension that the Malaki made in MFOA Brazzaville, 6232 years after OSIRIS, 1996 after Jesus, was dedicated to Cheick Anta Diop. This African learned  iconoplast was also an incorruptible politician.

Programmed in the shape of seminars, a dozen conferences sensitized the audience on different subjects worrying Congoleses, Africans and the Black race in general.

The first two days, the debate focused on Africa reconciliation with its history, which is 7000 years old; on awakening African inhibited consciousness on putting their lands and themselves at stake as objects. In this  perspective, the conferences series opened up with  D. Yette’s exposition, diopist from Cameroon, who talked about Cheikh Anta Diop the man, learned and contesting man breaking off with the occidental tutelage, an incorruptible and faithful politician who thought more about the next generations than about the close elections.
His works constitute a scientific basis at Africa liberation’s service; a large sinthesis of propositions had been made to concretize African societies cultural, scientific and political reinassance.
This truth was supported during Malaki conferences by the Congo Kinshasa poet Sangui Lutondo and from the Congolese Box of Pharaons renewer Sa-ra Samba.

At the question: Africa, what future?
What place in the world to come for the black race?

Bundu dia KONGO and  GOMA Thethet introduced the audience to the depths of anthropology e solar religion, to allow them all to catch African science and culture foundations. These are put in front of the   games of a world which is made without Black people and against Black people, in Berlin as in Yalta, threats are clear.

It is in this sense that in Africa the word democracy rhymes only with civil war, AIDS, ebola and the various crisis. One of the lecturer, GOMA Théthét, preached to return to the ancient Kemitian-African ethics – so much loved by Cheick Anta – which is characterized by knowing how to master one’s mouth and heart.

Cheick Anta Diop was launched also by the ladies Noelle  BAZUMA from France, H. MBENDA  Ngo Yinda of ARCA from Cameroun, and by Bundu dia KONGO, bringing to this process a human and demographic picture founded on theory through a study on Congo…

Although Africa reinassance remains still a stadium level ideal, the occasion was equally opportune to take measure of the endless trap blocking Africa’s reconciliation with its history and Africans’ reconciliations with themselves, their culture and their Ancestors.
Without this knowledge, import religions and cultural systems will persist to divide and oppose, undo and mask secular bonds.

Finally, the conference on Islam and African cultures allowed all listeners to surrender to the evidence that some people consider Africa as a land without owners, a land to be conquered o reconquered either on the physical, material, cultural and spiritual plan.

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