2004 France

XIIIth Edition.

Il était une fois MALAKI MA KONGO en France …

Malaki ma Kongo France 2004

Malaki ma Kongo France 2004

After Brazzaville and Kinshasa in Congo in Africa; after Guadeloupe, Haiti, Santo Domingo in America; here comes the 12th edition of the three-continental festival of African cultural roots Malaki ma kongo, in Berck sur Mer-France, right afetr Italy. The theme was:

“Two days of Djembe in Berck for Humanitarian in  Africa”.

Kimpete minini ngola « Never seen ».

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MALAKI-MA-KONGO France was created in order to promote African culture, to remove the offending, protect the collective memory, to promote and teach the knowledge of our ancestors, through cultural and sports days – stories, theater, conferences, sculpture, percussion accompanied by songs, galas, sports and all kinds of portraits that show the existence and magnitude of African identity.
Our Objectives

* The contribution of Africa in the common heritage of humanity
* The promotion of the radiation of Africa for Peace
* Participate in the fight against all crime
* To promote the African Renaissance, by promoting African culture
* The promotion of African sports
* The organization of cultural days in solidarity with Africa

Our work

Focuses on the appreciation of African culture in partnership with those of the West Indies, America, Europe, always inspired by human values ​​and the deepening of the history of Black Africa and its diaspora. “The two days for the Djembe humanitraire in Africa” ​​10 and July 11, 2004 in the room of the Kursaal in Berck Sur Mer

… It’s like the feast in the village.

At its premiere in France, Malaki ma Kongo showed he was not born the last rain … the party was great and the participation of the population has been significant in the hot summer time, where people privileged sun bathing at the beach. But it should be noted that little attention was given to the humanitarian dimension, with respect to the gravity of the tragedy experienced by the Black continent and the Congo in particular … Yet many representatives of humanitarian organizations have moved just for the cause. At least the first stone of Malaki ma Kongo France, in the form of humanitarian aid for Africa was asked … When the court of the cradle of humanity is roasted, it should be the concern of every living being, unless you are … A Berck sur Mer, France, was celebrated on 10 and 11 July 2004 Days Festival for Peace Malaki ma Kongo Tricontinental. Everyone was really this: Malaki from different parts of France, Italy, Belgium, Congo Kinshasa and Congo Brazzaville. The presidents of Malaki ma Kongo France, Malaki ma Kongo of Italy and Congo Kinshasa Kongo met for the first time together to  celebrate this festival in happy company of the roots of African culture for peace and solidarity with Africa, The two-day festival took place well and in the same spirit of brotherhood, love and social commitment that can distinguish Malaki ma Kongo, between cultural and performing arts high level, all this still the name of peace and solidarity, as always. We did not enjoy the presence of the only presidents Malaki of Santo Domingo (which at the last minute was unable to join the force majeure France) e Guadeloupe Haiti. The large and comfortable lobby of the Kursaal Berck made the availability of  association Malaki ma Kongo France by the City of Berck sur Mer and the tourist office in the same, turned to two days in a warm and sun corner of Africa where children of all ages and cultural backgrounds – one a lovely exotic amber complexion and hair braided and beaded with thousands of colors, some with light hair and eye color of the sky – all free and ran happy with the current energy released by the magical harmonies of music from the heart of Africa. The deep rhythms of the rainforest Oues the drums with great skill by the fabulous master of percussion Congolese N’guemba Celestin said Kassa Kassa were inserted at the Theatre and animation Gygih N’Doulou M’Bemba and my Masengo Mbongolo, Congolese actors superb, the latter even my festival founder Malaki ma Kongo and his entire cultural movement. All this was accompanied by the magical sounds from traditional Congolese, of his own invention and manufacture, the extraordinary versatile musician Matsiona Barnabas. Van Nzey Musala, President Malaki ma Kongo Congo Kinshasa, both artist and intellectual of theater in high relief Rep. Dem. of Congo, has bewitched and enchanted the audience with his own thoughts and stories on major topics suggested by Malaki ma Kongo: peace, solidarity and responsible development. The superb Gabriel Kinsa then outstanding actor in the theater scene Congo, completed by its own charming and exhilarating performance that perfect circle of artists of high professional and intellectual size. All these extraordinary characters confirm, once again, like loyalty and commitment of men of art, culture and intellect to Malaki ma Kongo and its humanitarian objectives and promote the roots of African culture – the service backup of the old Kongo culture and cultures from Africa to responsible development – are still vivid and omnipresent. All this demonstrates the commitment of a true and genuine North-South cooperation, where people of both hemispheres ethical can join their own hands to work together towards a better world for all: the message of Malaki ma Kongo is one to cry with great force that if we want to contribute to responsible development in the Congo and Africa must not only protect the crops from Africa, like the Kongo culture in particular, but to themselves the basis of this development. The kink Ndezy after, accompanied by his students and cocoa milk, presented the Pharaohs Boxing renovated. Martial Art African ethics RELATING to the period of the ancient Egyptians who is a good sport and physical education is as much a spiritual education conceived the spirit of harmony and équilibrât: the Maat. Family Fola’s friends came to express their support Boulogne to bring to Malaki ma Kongo by their energy and vitality conveyed upsetting the rhythm of drums of different kinds. African drums played with mastery by the young and skilled Europeans who have captured and fascinated the public in a triumph of multiculturalism. There were also friends of capoeira, managed by the Franco-Brazilian and Houssem Guillemotto Alban, who have moved to the South American continent with their athletic performance, not to forget the African diaspora in the world. A large audience, diverse and multiethnic than my Kongo Malaki France 2004: protected rehabilitation centers Hospitals Berck have played the djembe in percussion introductory course held by the master Kassa Kassa, boys, men, women, Children of all ages danced together the traditional music of the Congo introductory course in the dances of Central Africa held by the master Gygih N’Doulou M’Bemba; people from Italy, Belgium, France, Congo, Angola , Cameroon sang traditional songs all Congolese in the common language for the occasion: Kikongo! And what about this incredible Haitian girl, who adopted a French mother, came to watch the documentary on the Bicentenary of the Independence of Haiti in its anniversary year: a great girl, 4 years only she was attentive and really participated in any event of the festival with an incredible energy and a contagious joy. His mother, extraordinary, she wanted the opportunity to live and test some of its cultural origins. A fantastic gift that shows once again the power of unconditional love for life beyond all limits. Malaki ma Kongo is that too! We must start from the knowledge of his own roots to come to understand who we are and what our contribution can be specific and special life we ​​share together, without distinction. The public, too, has not only tasted the delicious flavors of the Congolese and African (makayabu, cassava, coconut Bignet, couscous, plantains and many other) lunch-debate Saturday, July 10, but also listened to the message and thoughts on the issue of international cooperation and responsible on microcredit many representatives of associations, NGOs, etc.. who participated in the discussion of the post-dinner: Leonardo Losselli, associate Malaki Italy, responsible for cultural relations of the GIT (Group of Local Intervention) of Banca Etica Vicenza and Consultant-Notice of the Department of Banca Etica-Padova ( Italy) for a large microfinance project finalized to agriculture or the establishment of an MFI (Micro Finance Institution) in Congo to help poor women victims of war, Pierre and Marie METANGMO Bese METANGMO the ass. Allinoise for a responsible tourism project in Camerun. Farisato Letizia, president of Malaki ma Kongo Italia, Van Nzey Musala President Malaki ma Kongo Rep. Dem. Congo, Louise delicious Bilolo President Malaki ma Kongo France who for his personal commitment and gentle deserved thank you and all the flowers of this world!, Masengo my Mbongolo founding president of the Malaki ma Kongo e generale di coordinator Malaki ma Kongo Tricontinental , Philippe Mavambu and Nkounkou the ass. Mfume did Kongo Mafouta Association Brazza2000 Magloire, Pierre Anatole Youna the ass. Zorantie, to speak of “hidden” in many public, as Gygih N’Doulou M’Bemba the ass. BaBa BabCourdimanche O and others that it would be easy to name them all. In general, “two days of djembe for humanitarianism in Africa” ​​made in Malaki were able to heat a little cool climate of the Nord Pas-de Calais. and hearts of many people. My Kongo Malaki, the festival of peace, seeing you in Europe for the next year. Soon, for against, it will be both Kongo Malaki my Congo! In August a delegation of Malaki ma Kongo Italia will travel there to participate in this later stage of the carnival Malaki ma Kongo Tricontinental: the natural will as always documented and filmed.

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