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2004 Haiti

XIVth edition BICENTENARY of HAITI saved by the birds of peace made in Nelson Mandela Ouf ! Thank you Nelson Mandela. Sorry Tabo Mbeki. 24 hours before leaving Haiti, we are inhabitated by two feelings: one is a big sadness, … Continue reading

2004 Congo

Malaki Mundele. Reportage of the experience of responsible tourism in Congo made by the Italian delegation of Malaki ma Kongo. “Malaki Live: going to Africa not to sympathize with crocodiles, lions or giraffes,but to make brotherhood with human beings”.

2004 France

XIIIth Edition. Il était une fois MALAKI MA KONGO en France … After Brazzaville and Kinshasa in Congo in Africa; after Guadeloupe, Haiti, Santo Domingo in America; here comes the 12th edition of the three-continental festival of African cultural roots … Continue reading


XIVth Edition Kimpete minini ngola « Never seen » Malaki ma Kongo 2005 was held on august 19-20-21st 2005 in Pointe Noire (…). The theme was “300 years minus one: Kimpa Mvita, her vision of the Kongo space”. The chosen … Continue reading


XVth edition: Three-continental MALAKI MA KONGO (sorry, still under construction)