Mini Malaki in Paris

à Paris le 17 décembre 2011

à Paris le 17 décembre 2011

Presentation of the Project “Mbongi’a Bumuntu – Mama Kimpa Mvita 2012 – 2021”

 December 17th 2011, Paris-France

Noisy -Le_Sec ,  3 rue Dombasle 93130

Time: from 15.00 to 21.00 (3.00 to 9.00 PM)

Contribution: adults 10 euro  – children 5 euro


  • 15h00:  Photo exposition, theme: Once upon a time Malaki ma Kongo
  • 16h00:  Conference: The big Moments of Malaki ma Kongo 1991 – 2011 (Note: the conference will be held in lari language and simoultaneously translated in French).
  • Book:  Vingt ans de Malaki ma Kongo (1er tome) by Masengo ma Mbongolo
  • 17h30:  Presentation of the textile handmade products made in Malaki Développement
  • 18h30: Presentation of the Project Mbongi’a Bumuntu Paris 2012- 2021
  • 19h00:   Buffet  (on booking)
  • 19h45: Projection of the film: «La Rencontre du siècle: Les Musundi de Cuba avec Musundi de Kongo» byMasengo ma Mbongolo
  • 20h00 Tombola

Flyer (in French) (pdf 448 kb)

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