2004 Haiti

XIVth edition

the birds of peace made in Nelson Mandela

Ouf ! Thank you Nelson Mandela. Sorry Tabo Mbeki.

Elien Isac and CECILE - Haiti

24 hours before leaving Haiti, we are inhabitated by two feelings: one is a big sadness, the other is a feeling of deliverance… We can finally cry MISSION IS OVER.

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We are sad to know that the descendants of the Pharaohs, the master of Pythagoras, the inventors of science, those that he claimed to have black skin and kinky hair have not yet understood what the earth and the cosmos are waiting from them. They did not understand that the “roof of the West has exploded” Western civilization reached its peak and it is time to tighten the control of other civilizations. Blacks should not be surprised by the subsequent course of the game of civilization when they return will supply Yellow witness. Alas, they are still struggling to get rid of the poison at high dose of inferiority complex, contained in the colonial and postcolonial education, which made them drink to the dregs in their “schools” of shit … So like good children they are waiting for their masters dictate orders, directions … behavior to take over the festivities of the bicentennial of Haiti. The first slave revolt and unique in its kind in the world that created an independent state. Yet their masters, or rather their “ancestors the Gauls” do not want to hear about the crushing defeat inflicted on them as slaves blacks, two centuries ago. It is still more than 30,000 white settlers who were thrown into the water and one of the strongest army in the world at the time, the army of Napoleon Bonaparte, which was routed by slaves to create the world premiere of an independent state. They have never had a desire to taste the soup of independence on 1 January 1904 and not in 2004, 2104, 2204, 2304, in 2404 or 2504 they will be ready to digest collapse of the crest of Mount Pierrot. We are truly a people without memory. Indeed in 1904, they had organized a similar charade so that it was a war in Port au Prince, the centennial celebration was held and in 2004 they revived and the same pattern as our “famous egghead advisers of shit …” have no other historical references as those that offer them their masters, they all fell into the trap of their ancestors the Gauls. All heads of state have failed to meet blacks from the proclamation of the independence of the first Black Republic, except one, who knows the importance of words FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, the representative of Nelson Mandela with the King of Dahomey Alada , not to mention the delegate of the Province of Nsundi … The second sense is a big phew! delivery for taking part in maieutics who announced prematurely post-issuance of the Black Man of a pregnancy that already had lasted too long, two hundred years. What happened in Haiti this January 1, 2004 was expected of all peoples of the world except the pseudo intellectuals like African bulbs powered using batteries have waited in vain for their “ancestors the Gauls” of support the switch. Fortunately all of Africa does not vibrate as timbre of the Francophonie, the team of Nelson Mandela, the King of Dahomey and Alada Prince Nsundi know that never in history have been the Gauls ancestors of the Pharaohs … After failing to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary, the centennial and the hundred and fifty years of its existence, Haiti was finally able to celebrate two hundred years of its independence. This is an extraordinary event to see the jubilant crowd at the Centennial because everyone was holed up in houses that, instead of shouting they were cannon which thundered into the city and this time it is rather the laughter, the hugs of the people to whom it is forbidden to celebrate its independence. Banned because it had the courage to end the violence to a system that reduced human to animal.


Everything was ready to revive the scheme to Haitians it There’s one hundred years. Macabre plans were scheduled. People had a mission to take advantage of weaknesses of the rulers to create unrest, student protests, unions such as armed groups were prepared to take action at specific times. We dare not say that their claims were unfounded, but we believe that the act committed by Toussaint Louverture was priceless and his opponents had the rest of the century to the claims … In the words of the Haitian from both sides of the political groups had activated the uncontrolled armed. A small proportion of the population carries regular firearms, with paper to carry weapons for their personal safety, but also hundreds of thousands of young people were illegally armed. In some obscure corner mission was to make Molotov cocktails. The international press was unleashed to frighten and to prohibit tourists to travel to Haiti. The U.S. Government has officially banned its people from traveling to Haiti. The straw that broke the camel is the request of Haitian President to France to return the 90 million gold francs, or 21.7 billion U.S. dollars today, that Haiti had paid to former settlers for the recognition of its independence. This has only added haitio-French relations, they say that it returns to the poor to pay the rich.


The head of Malaki ma Kongo Haiti that we received was on vacation in the outskirts of Port au Prince. The little people in town and country, life was peaceful, tranquil, he spoke very little of the event of the century. Very few people were concerned about both the organization and conduct of the festivities, not because they were less informed but because the main concern lay elsewhere: the basic necessities of life: eating, drinking, clothing and sleeping. And grassroots communities as everyone went about its normal everyday needs. But when it was in the small circle of intellectuals that we felt a general malaise, fear … The company was plagued by a psychosis that paralyzed the entire system, so it was impossible to undertake anything. God thank you that the program redesigned the closing of the festival Three-continental Malaki ma Kongo in Port au Prince was limited to a report on the bicentennial of Haiti and Malaki ma Kongo, which opened with the Bicentennial should continue on the other side of the island to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic before moving to the other side of the Atlantic and that during 365 days of the year 2004. For the opposition, the bicentennial is an opportunity to take stock of the country’s future. It’s the perfect time to ask the question why after two centuries of independence the country folds still under the dictatorship. Why the average Haitian lives on less than two dollars a day, why so much poverty and misery … It considers that the bicentennial is an opportunity to waste money with festivities staining propagandist. A petition was signed by many intellectuals and people from civil society for not taking part in the festivities say. She demanded the departure of President Aristide before January 1. In this sense it would postpone the festivities at a later date, when Haiti will have found a leader responding to a set of standards … the sudden they all fall into the trap set by the little son of Napoleon. THE WORLD OF vodu is divided into two. Some believe that voodoo is apolitical in nature and yet some have enlisted in the logic of government propaganda, which some people, has circulated a lot of bank notes for the cause. The Vodu being a significant component in Haitian society, this division creates a climate of coldness in the relations between voodoo. A climate of uncertainty hangs over the city in the background all fear the torment of the collar, no one wants to see flames around his neck a car tire, but prudence requires. The history of Haiti is no shortage of such examples. Africans who have chosen to live in Haiti or those like us who went there just for the bicentennial are also on guard because it only takes one little false move of the South African army for them to do the costs. For its part the international press and France lead demonize Haiti. it is curious that a great power who said in 1990 that democracy was a luxury for Africa to Haiti to require the practice justice, democracy as it had just ripped off 90 million francs Gold and subjected to centuries of slavery. Finally all the conditions are ripe for defeat in the festivities of an Africa that the first would shout loudly to the world HAITI, MOTHER OF FREEDOM. On the evening of December 31 person or even President Aristide did not know exactly what should happen the next day. Neither of the two political groups opposed would let go. Everyone wanted to crush the other. It was believed that Haiti should be stopped in 1904 when the centennial celebrations were boycotted by those who fear that one day their cash cow, Africa had to be free. It was 17:00 when the birds of peace made in Nelson Mandela have invaded the skies over Port au Prince. No one expected. We all knew that three days ago a boat moored at South African port of Port au Prince, which supposedly contained a thousand soldiers to ensure the safety of President Mbeki Tabu, but none of Haiti did not expect to see arise from an African warship five, six or ten attack helicopters at a time. This fact has impressed the Haitian began to see Africa from a different angle than the poor and hungry continent. So the die was cast. All forces in place have understood that MOTHER HEN were there to defend tooth and nail chicks. In the headquarters, we had stopped to minimize some 3,000 police that were Haiti (country of Aristide disbanded the army during his second term), but also the need to take into account the troops, tanks and helicopters may be the fighters from Africa, not to mention the fanatical power. From that time moms selling items of survival in the market, young people without a future, disillusioned intellectuals, the bourgeois politicians of all stripes have realized that the act committed by Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Christophe, Petion, Corporal Death and all runaway slaves, was over the area of ​​Haiti for the expression of all the underprivileged around the world, thirsty for freedom. As if to hit hard, the commander of the army of Tabo Mbeki was an officer of South African whites. That was the lesson that Nelson Mandela was reserved for great grand son of slaves and slaveholders in Port au Prince: If within ten years, oppressed blacks in Soweto and Pretoria racist whites were able to make peace in Africa why not the South mulattoes and blacks of Port au Prince, Haiti, after two hundred years together?

January 1, 2004
BICENTENNIAL or “the tree that hides the forest”

January 1, 2004 at 6:30 am we were go to Champs de Mars right in front of the presidential palace. The world was waiting for the time H. Some people had feasted all night and others like us, came in the morning. Slowly the place filled with people of all ages. In the back of the Palace, three soldiers behind two small wooden barricades light. Eight hours to officials began to arrive preceded by bikers with barking dogs as a mermaid. The protocol was very light, at least not as in other lands. Informed of the presence mambo Gelda Belmond, a grande dame of the protocol, sent for me. Mambo priestess vodu means. Masengo-but where is it that you were, no one knew how to reach you? – We were stuck in Santo Domingo for eleven days. We were led to believe that Haiti was on fire. Ha ha ha! You were afraid but it is not worthy of a voodoo. A man of vodu jaaammaaiiis should be afraid. And how did you find Haiti? -No, it’s quiet, oh! The international press attacked … but why does the Bicentennial? -Hey! why the press attacked shit does to vodu? But that’s because it is the vodu who beat France. When you hear that Dessalines was the morning and evening in Cape Town on the Island to Cow, was the spirit he was traveling. It crossed the island from north to south, there ‘s’ had no trucks in those days. What we are celebrating today is the second defeat of France. She has given 90 million dollars to defeat Bicentennial as it did in 1904, but this time, there is nothing to do … Wait we put you on the list of officials present at the Bicentennial . I looked around all these months of blacks m’auscultaient envious. In the corner two girls look at me, smile and speak to me in a language I do not understand. -You do not speak Creole, she said? I did so, in the head. In astonishment, she said. But, what language you speak in Africa? You know, that’s my first time to see a Black Africa, what we call our “fathers”, and I can not believe that there is the other side of the ocean of Black moi.Je looked just like this girl but my head was somewhere else … I asked myself the question why the international press and especially French-she does so? A second question running through my head that represents the revolution of Haiti to give so much scared to France, America and the international press? According to Ms. Evon Manbo, representative of the Vodu near the Presidency, Haiti is the most perfect representation of Africa. We add that Haiti is Africa in miniature drift over the Atlantic. Haiti is the energy concentrated all entities, spiritual and physical Black continent. And Africa is not only the cradle of humanity, it is also the cradle of science: She created the Pythagorean Theorem 2000 years before the birth of the latter. History reminds us that successful revolution in Haiti, it took the help of the energies of black slaves and mulattos in Haiti but we must not neglect the contribution of those who came from neighboring islands. Bookman, Man or Man of the Book who knows to read, for example, was a slave in Jamaica. Other blacks have introduced concepts in the Christian and Islamic vodu Haiti. And what is not spoken is that during the ceremony of Bois Caiman Wood, historians emphasize two important texts, one in Creole and the other in Kikongo. The first text is an address to Almighty God Bookman in Creole:

“Bon Je te ki fé the Ki ki fé Solely Kler new nic. Bon Je kif ki soulvé lan Mc è scolded Loray Bon Je ki gen zorey new louse Tandi, wu nan ki kasha niaj. Kap gade new Kote or ye-a, or any blan fè wè new blan yo sibi Die Krim mended Bon Je ki nan new year vle fè byin ordered vanjans … Y … ”

The second is a tchibila (incantatory prayer) Kikongo language spoken by the priestess Manbo Celine Fatima, a lady giant negress Kongo:

Eh! Eh! Bomta, hin, hin! Canga bafiote! Canga Mundele! Canga doki! Canga li! …

“Let us not hesitate to destroy this accursed race, children at the breast to the elderly. Kill all the whites! Erase the earth all evil and to their memory! … “These words speak on their own, and enjoyed two hundred years later we can measure the impact of those words on the Kongo nation. Nation of the priestess Celine Fatima has become the bane of the old settlers, the history of Kongo Do and Central Africa teaches us more. It should come as no surprise that in 1885 in Berlin on my Kongo was stripped of its “K” symbol of royalty for him flank the letter “C” that summarize all the crap ranking behind our existence. What has he said to the Bicentennial of Port-au-Prince? Officials present were: His Excellency Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa and Madam First Lady of South Africa Honorable Perry Christie, Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Excellency, Prime Minister Yvon Neptune in the Republic of Haiti and Madam, Your Excellency, “Rahodia” Vice-President of Suriname, Distinguished Members of the Cabinet, the President of the Supreme Court, Honorable President of the Senate and senators of the Republic, Honourable Speaker of the House of Deputies and Honourable Members of the Republic, Honourable Member of Congress Maxime Waters, President Wang examinations of the Republic of China, Taiwan, Mr. Deputy Secretary General of the OAS, Distinguished Heads and members of foreign delegations, Distinguished French members of Parliament, Distinguished Members of the major organs of the State, Your Excellency the Papal Nuncio, Monsignor Bolonech, Envoy Extraordinary Vatican Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi), Distinguished Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Distinguished Members of the Consular Corps , Director General of FAO, Honourable Mayors of Port-au-Prince, civil authorities, and police Sisters, Cher Danny Glover, dear compatriots of the Tenth Department … Not to mention the King of Benin Alada. Simply put President Aristide spoke thus: Dear compatriots, Distinguished Guests, Dear Friends, Through this bicentennial we celebrate as “the only successful slave revolution in history” … In this context, we have the joy of celebrating: A Bicentennial Freedom for a millennium of peace. Hence our desire to work here and now for the actualization of the Millennium. For the Country, to the ancestors, walk together and proclaim the Bicentennial Declaration, namely: building a new Haiti. This is possible because: The STRENGTH! UNION IS STRENGTH! (THE FOUL Ansanm AK PREZIDAN AN: The STRENGTH). Dear fellow citizens, Beyond the dead, the Heroes of Independence emit waves liberating. These waves can propagate liberating image of light rays either to 300,000 miles per second. To them, therefore, honor and glory! And we, their worthy son and daughters, RESPECT, restitution and compensation for a civilization of peace. Sia bonga! Thank you! (APLODISMAN) In his speech President Thabo Mbeki has felt honored to be back in Haiti to celebrate the Bicentennial while expressing solidarity of Africa, all South Africans without exception with the Haitian people. Mbeki expressed the wish that all the people of Africa captures the important message of the Bicentenary of the Haitian Revolution to encourage them to work together to cope with many challenges such as poverty, underdevelopment, discrimination and marginalization. South African President also stressed the genocide caused by the slave trade that ruined the lives of millions of Africans. Much of the misery of Africa and Africans scattered around the world resulting from the genocide he said. To overcome the difficulties mentioned above, Mr. Mbeki has called for solidarity among the peoples of the continent and all the poor countries of the world. E to the Bahamas Prime Minister Perry G. CHRISTIE, Haiti has guided the national liberation struggles throughout the region, especially as it is unique in the area with his two hundred years of Independence, said Christie. Solidarity among all peoples of the region is necessary for the development of the region said Prime Minister Perry Christie of the Bahamas. HAITI MOTHER OF FREEDOM: This is how the Congress and member of the Woman-black caucus Ms. Maxine Waters congratulated Haiti on the occasion of the celebration of its Bi-centenary of independence. Woman’s Congress has expressed in his address to the resolution taken by the black caucus, and the U.S. Congress for the celebration of the Bi-centenary. Haiti is the first independent black republic in the world. Freedom has been achieved with great sacrifice by the slaves who did not want to remain under the yoke of slavery. It is also standard-bearer in the liberation struggle of other countries in Latin America by investing its financial resources, military and human in the past to help its people to win their freedom. She did not forget to mention the contributions of Haitians to Savannah in 1776 when the Americans were fighting the English colonists for independence. According to the resolution read by Ms. Waters the black caucus and the American Congress agree to work to obtain support from other members to encourage everyone to congratulate the Haitian people for being the backbone of the struggle for human rights. A time for everything hammered the King During the ceremony “TRIBUTE TO THE ANCESTORS” the royal couple of Benin praised the Peace as the main vector of all development in a country. Haiti are in great need he said. As a respect for the heroes who made 1804, it is imperative that the Haitian Nation found unity which could lead to a lasting peace, has hammered the Queen DJEHAMY … As for the King Dgigla KPODÉGLE, he emphasized the similarity between South Africa and Haiti. Two countries that celebrate two anniversaries this year: two hundred years since Haiti declared independence, his victory against tyranny and oppression and ten years for South Africa in 1994 that had sealed the fate of the apartheid. Today no one can deny the importance of South Africa on the African continent. The presence of the President of South Africa in celebration of the bicentennial of Haiti is an important grand. The President and the Haitian people are thankful for their presence underlined the King. There is a time for everything hammered the King, who is convinced that the time for Peace will certainly for Haiti. Because sooner or later the opposition will eventually respond to the many calls for dialogue, reconciliation of the President of the Republic of Haiti so that finally takes the path of progress found the King of ALADA.


Malaki ma Kongo is primarily an institution that promotes the roots of African culture not to mention the defense of cultural identity Kongo in particular. From the beginning of its revolution, Haiti has claimed the presence of the Kongo cultural clues in it. After analysis we found that the great Haitian revolution was under low to cultural-linguistic but also the Creole Kikongo. During the ceremony of Bois Caiman, Creole and Kikongo languages ​​have been through what men and spirits have spoken. Thus, the concern of all the Ne Kongo would be, what can be, in time and space, the consequences of the manifestation of this kongonité in the groans of the Haitian revolution? Haiti and its revolution have been the propeller of all other forms of liberation in the Americas, is it possible to claim that this has had an impact over time? Before you learn from this glorious past, it seems important to say who was the real winner of the derby which opposes the neo slave (the mulatto and the bourgeoisie) against neo slaves, blacks, those who do not know and do not have the right to know why they die by inches? The biggest winner of the Bicentennial of Haiti President Aristide is not torn between solving the economic problems and safeguard the skin against the coup leaders from all backgrounds, neither the opponents (and the bourgeois intellectuals infiltrated by false vigilantes third world, shouting in a loud voice, justice, respect for human rights, peace and democracy in Haiti, as they are not able to impose the same basic in African countries where they reign supreme . The biggest champion of the Bicentennial is the people who this time refused to play the one or the other. He remained quiet and has strayed to his own occupations while the International Radio Madness Street encouraged to drink blood. The people have plugged his ears as if in reply he said:-While the French were in control of Haiti, our fate was slavery-When other bourgeois intellectuals have false replaced the colonists to the throne, our fate has not changed one iota … the neo-slavery that dare not speak its name. You do not have opened schools for our children. We have worked in your houses, six days a week, 24 hours out of 24 for just 15 or 20 dollars a month. When we are sick your hospital does not receive, but for the roots, bark, leaves and practices vodu, we would all dead now and that your interests are threatened, you dare come to us asking us to boycott the celebrations of the Bicentennial, denying any of the acts of the most expensive in the history of the Black Man! You ask us to turn its back on Toussaint Breda said “Louverture” as in cahoots with your masters the settlers, it will erase the traces and quietly works of our heroes in history. In 1904 you managed to entertain us but this time we say NO, NO 7 times, 77 times no, not again become the chestnuts never freed slaves. When all other political issues of 365 days in the year, we will concede to politicize 364, belongs to the 365th for TOUSSAINT OPEN BLACK PEACE to DEMOCRACY AND DEVELOPMENT. For our part MALAKI MA KONGO welcomes the opportunity to witness this great derbies that happens once a century. Five centuries of battle between slave and slave. This struggle is reflected today in confrontation between bourgeois politicians apprentices, pseudo intellectuals against the neo slaves, those who are wrong to have first demanded independence for the price of blood and suffering of thousands and the Haitian people. Today the old settlers are accused by their peers to have contributed to this climate libertine who has poisoned the entire region, forming the basis of withdrawal and launch any movement of liberation of the continent. Thus, France is obliged to kill the goose of independence. This chicken is expressed in two languages: Creole and Kikongo. IL resolved to indoctrination, isolation, pluck, the beheading, the impoverished, the guilt, the baptism of acculturate …: Congos and non KONGO. Congos In Guadeloupe before 1804 meant that good and great worker after that fateful date, mean less than a dog. In 1904, instead of celebrating the centennial of independence, it is the sound of boots, the shots and the terror that reigned in Port au Prince. This is why the cabal media 2004 that terrorized the world and prevented Africans and freedom-loving people to come to the feast of the liberation of the slave. All conditions were met for this cabal end in a bloodbath if the Mandela of South Africa it was not interposed. Some fellow Africans and the entire ruling class of the Black continent were caught in a there are two different trap hundred years by Napoleon Bonaparte and his descendants. For those who doubt the veracity of our words, you set Malaki ma Kongo my appointment in 2104 to attend the rehearsal of the film of the cabal of 2004 and 1904. We are aware that those who have had the chance to visit the villages and hamlets of runaway slaves in the Caribbean, those without finger on the misery of slaves neo find it difficult to detect the pot roses. What would famous or not represented the bicentenary of the independence of the first black republic? The failure of the bicentenary would negate all the efforts of liberation movements in countries blacks. The media cabal would have found other words to make us admit that the Black Man is not capable of safeguarding these assets. (…)

« 365 jours de réflexion sur la vie et l’œuvre de Toussaint Louverture »




El Tricontinental Malaki Ma Kongo

REFLEXION SOBRE LA VIDA DE “Toussaint Louverture »

Una Jornada Cultural con los Grupos

* Los Congos de Villa Mella
* Marabou Danse, Exposición
* Poesía, Teatro del Reino de
* Kongo « de Kongo a Congo »

09 de Enero 2004-01-21 a partir de las 8:00 pm

Restaurant COCO’S

Av. George Washington 507

Santo Domingo

Built in the shape peristyle (temple vodu) COCO’S restaurant vibrated in his first at the rate of its originality. This evening of January 9, he was full of people and the poetry was in full swing. Ably conducted by a Haitian woman Lovely Antoine. Strong, powerful, it looked like it was possessed by the spirit of Fatima Celine woman kongo the ceremony of Bois Caiman, a real lioness … Lovely devastated by his voice, stripped … debunking the heads of all the burdens of Negro inferiority complex imbedded five centuries of subjugation … Besides this, two young poets, including one from Santo Domingo, and one of Glaimir Haiti. Another poetry from Africa Ndozi Muang Senghas was told by my Masengo Mbongolo Kikongo language, before closing the series with “Be the best whatever you’re” of Martin Luther King. Just after the group presented the Josefina Santo Spiritos Los Congos de Villa Mellaqui surprised us with the rhythm and dance of the Kongo of Santo Domingo. The group Marabou Haitian Dance cede Friztner made us alive the choreographic movements of the dancer vodu professional Nahama a freshly cut from Port au Prince. The highlight of the evening was the play “From Kongo to Congos” by the Theatre Royal Dia Kongo Ntotéla. The evening continued with African music and Afro Caribbean. Then he y’eut away for a few minutes and our dear Hougan (priest vodu) Elien Isac “The son of Papa Loko” came into play. From a timid yet determined there said he was hougan, vodu priest: “In the world of vodu he began he said many things. Some even say we’re cannibals, yet it is we who based roots, leaves, bark and all the secrets we hold our ancestors give back confidence, hope and life for families. I do not deny that there are other people who use these forces to do harm, but it is common in the system of all powers. Today, I tell you that we are meeting the voodoo in an association called Vodu Without Borders, where we fight for in the media, the public power bright side to our work, to heal the world against all diseases especially AIDS Scourge of the end of this century. Our message is clear to all voodoo: AIDS is a reality and if you want to be saved there are only three solutions:

* Sexual abstinence,
* Fidelity
* The use of condoms.

In this way together to the next tercentenary of Haiti we would Ayi Bobo Haiti. His message was much applauded. The play as’étalé a page from 8000 year history of the Negro Nation, Osiris to the present. Those who y’ont prices have not only understood by the migratory movement of Ne Kongo to Egypt in Port au Prince via Mbanza Kongo, but have now understood the origin and meaning of the words: Africa, Zulu, Zambia, Kongo, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Egypt, Ethiopia … Michelet Gérôme, an interest in Haitian culture gave us his impressions to emerge from this cultural evening:

“There is not a human vocabulary to explain what just happened … It’s fantastic, spectacular! It’s wonderful! That’s all …

We need this kind of thing again. You have to repeat this kind of thing to be able to know the Haitian culture around the world. So I want to set up an organization like that, of the same ilk AFRICALA. It would be a meeting of the African, Caribbean and Latin America. I think we should also make known the good things in Africa that just happened tonight. I believe that we promise to go to Africa and especially Congo Congo to know what was the Haitian culture. The human miracle that we made in 1804. We want to amaze the world with our culture. Finally, before leaving the island, and Malaki ma Kongo  Haiti were received by His Majesty the King Kongo Sixto Menier of the Republic of Santo Domingo. The party was great, during the Los Spirito Santo Los Congos was full and the King of Los Congos thanking us said: His dream is to visit the land of his ancestors before dying. He expects the Congo just an invitation.

Musi Kahunga
Muana Nsundi
Masengo ma Mbongolo
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