Lettera Bantu Musundi per il 2012

Pubblichiamo la lettera inviataci da Tatandi Aldo Durades, Cuba.

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Per Cuba e l’umanità

ALDO DURADES ROMÁN  PRESIDENT OF RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION OF BANTU PEOPLE FROM CUBA                                                                         IN MEMORY OF DON MANUEL ANTONIO NSAKU NE VUNDA 1ST AFRICAN (FROM KONGO KINGDOM) BLACK AMBASSADEUR OF MANI KONGO AT VATICAN. MBANZA KONGO -1570 -ROME 1608, HIS BODY LIES IN ROME. THE BENEFIT OF CUBA AND HUMANITY IN MEMORY ALSO of SAINT TECLA (TECLA HERMINIA THE TORRES BEBA). Because both represent our RELIGION MUSUNDI BANTU, and thanks to Masengo MA MBONGOLO suggesting KONGO TO “tell ALL grand sons OF OUR grand sons WHAT the PARENTS OF OUR PARENTS LIVED” INSIDE AS OUTSIDE OF AFRICA (MUSUNDI BANTU TERRITORY). THE TERRITORY OF THE POSITION: # 7 NZAMUADI SPEAKS: RULE: NGUENGUERENGUE (Ochun IN Yoruba pantheon, CHOLA MAMA, AND PALO CHOLANGENGE TO THE VIRGIN OF COBRE (The Virgin of Charity of El Cobre) in Catholicism. PERSONS OF THE GODS : NYENDY THE POSITION OF TERRITORY NZAMBAMI NO.6 (IDENTIFIED in Yoruba pantheon as Babalu Aye, ASOJANO in Palo CUBAYENDE BY, AND PATA LULENO LLAGA AND Catholicism as SAN LAZARO.) honor the spirits. SPIRITUALITY TOP YEAR, WE must honor our minds, we must honor ALL COMMISSIONS NTOFUÁ (spirit realm, we receive NZULU (SKY) THE BLESSING to save humanity. NKANGANÁ ERITONDA (hold her tongue). be careful what you say; Be careful. Specifications by god to be able to year, the human body parts that are sensitive to power are legs, the spirit, joints and abdomen. We are the party of reference more prone to diseases and problems, if conditions of lower limbs may be due to circulatory system, rheumatic fever and accidents caused by falls must be avoided, since all the factors listed can lead to paralysis and general physical limitation the engine. Relating to mental, this power is the serenity, rational thought on thoughtlessness. Contradicting ec council may cause dangerous errors in decision-making. Physiologically speaking, it is important that we take care of brain function and health that we take care of all that control system, while you can meet sleep difficulties, which appear unimportant, according to the letter it’s a very vulnerable, if you don ‘ taking care, can even cause insanity. Avoid bad habits. Spiritual grace, good luck will be at hand if we are virtuous if we do not drink too much, if we reject drugs, if we remain committed to our partners, if we respect the elders of the family. He says the nzila (path) this is the year of frugality at table, that we must prepare the body and mind to develop the mind, good judgement, as the goal is to serve others. Moment of virtue. In general sense, the practice of virtue is essenciel of this letter. It is recommended to adopt an honest social conduct to be decent and educated, with heart associates, remove arrogance, be humble and sensitive to others’ problems. It is shown by the nzila (trail) this year is that of the table frugality, that we must prepare body and mind to develop the spirit , of good judgement as the goal is to serve others. This is the year of charity, the good, the love, serve others the way the most disinterested is the rule of conduct for this year. Satisfaction spiritual and material practice this product in people will be clear. The term often used “to do good and without regard to whom it is done” is the golden rule for its own welfare and the company. Well sure, the people are the church to be the most committed to this subject. Consecration of “mbumba” (or in the initiation rayamiento nganga, and spiritual development spiritual coping) represent the triumph and evolution , one can not neglect none of the religions, the best thing is to value each for what they represent. Although you may not be in some insider, they must be respected and those who practice them. Nier our beliefs us to the fate because the simple proof of compliance with willingness favourably contemplating nzulu (sky) make every day a feast for the mind, when you get up, look at the sky (nzulu) watch the sun and you simultaneously have a feeling of greatness and smallness, of the time, and when you do this, you will feel more than ever part of the universe and you can also making a difference.. It is recommended to wear neck chain to which the sun is hung, because the relevant nzulu (sky) is the best protection against negativity. This is the year of the reign of effort: must be intelligent, wise and abovegenre. You must live in peace, and just be patient. This conduct bring you happiness. Atributos nguenguerengue of it is the power to heal the sick, and dominate the earth resources it takes two means necessary. To heal invalid. Fighting epidemics, the vagaries of the skin, eyes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, circulation, mental disorders, etc. It is also the owner of all the flowers and the beauty of nature. Nothing ‘is foreign to him, everything that is good is his. Year of preservation and tree planting trees and love of wildlife. Dominate this year with the power to heal the trees: roots , leaves, grass, flowers, resins and water various rivers, springs, wells, ponds, rainwater, sea, and so on. In a special way during this year, people should be wary fire, let the fire burn away from them, not candles. If you make a nature hike, take care of it, because this year disasters will continue to occur due to human negligence. The letter says to respect the sea, those who travel in boats inappropriate, the bantu recall an old saying that refers to our history of slavery and states that “nkumbre kalunga, boat from the sea lost in the sea and sank “do not sail while you are guided by despair.” the moral nchuendo (patakín or proverbs). It is the year in which a person may lose everything if it choosesthe fataisie, instead of faith. Does not use violence to solve problems of living. Force or violence n’aboutiron is nothing less arrogance again. The nchuendo (patakín or proverbs) states: the gorilla is the strongest of the planet and is also equipped with intelligence. He spoke like people. But despite his strength and his intelligence, he was beaten by a parrot. Moral: things are not always what they seem, arrogance and blind prevents us from seeing what is in front of the eyes. Nzala nkombo (o ebbo purificacion). Nzala nkombo (ebbo or purification). For the purification of the body (bath):spring water, well water, river water, seawater, rainwater, water from the lagoon, the water of a banana. It adds the white table wine, five petals of white roses. Combine all in a container. Nzala nkombo (ebbo or purification). A coconut dry, wash with water: river, sea and rain water. Fat with fat unsalted pork, surround it with a white cloth, pull on you from head to toe seven times. Then place it in the trunk of a cane or bamboo arbor, cuban or chinese. Fumigation for the body and home: for the body: four-petal roses white. Five-petal yellow roses. Six-petal roses red. The discharged into a tile with seven spanish coals of all types of wood. Place the tile on the floor and go over seven times. In the house: three leaves of medicinal trees. Put them in a spanish tile with nine coals of all types of wood. Place one in each corner of the house, more later put them behind the exit door for three days. Information the information has been provided, december 27, 2011, in the presence of the council of priests bantu musundi i did the pre-event corresponding to the cycle set to retrieve the letter 2012. December 28, 2011, at 12:00 the last ceremony was performed: uria ntango (comida in the sun). At 14:00 (guessed) to determine the powers that be (for the year), the conclusion of the ceremony took place at six o’clock the same day. Ceremonies were performed head of the institution of cuba religious bantu. Aldo Durades Román. Tatandy researcher los musundis president of the religious institution of cuba bantou.

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